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What happens at Lucha Libre USA Live events?

A Lucha Libre USA Live event is pure entertainment from the moment you walk into the arena. It all starts with a free pre-show party where fans enter contests, interact with Luchastars, taking their photos and participating in various fun activities. Each event features approximately six matches starring the biggest names in the world of Lucha and pro wrestling. In between matches, contests are held where fans can win prizes for being the best dressed, (craziest outfit), loudest fan or for having the most creative sign. At the end of the show VIP ticket holders get to meet the entire Lucha Libre USA roster and collect their autographs. It‘s a night that’ll never be forgotten.

What are VIP Tickets?

VIP tickets are not only the best seats in the house, they also give you access to an exclusive autograph session at the end of the event. You’ll have an opportunity to get up close and personal with the Luchastars you saw performing in the ring that very day. VIP seats are limited in quantity and are available on a first come, first served basis. Due to high demand these tickets often sell out quickly. To avoid missing out, purchasing these tickets as soon as they go on sale is highly recommended.

What is the pre-show party?

The fun doesn’t just begin when the first match gets underway. At a Lucha Libre USA live event the action starts the moment you walk through the arena door. There’s always a variety of fun activities taking place in the concourse that extend into the arena. You’ll have a chance to participate in an interactive contest with several great prizes at stake. The pre-show party is free with the price of admission and fun for the whole family.

Who are the stars of the Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors, The United We Stand Tour?

Every Lucha Libre USA live event features the biggest names in the world of Lucha Libre and professional wrestling. You’ll find no other show with such variety of talent. From the Chicastars to the Ministars to the Luchastars, you’ll see it all in one action-packed evening. Come and witness the athleticism of the 5-foot and under Ministars, the beauty and grace of the Chicastars, the daredevil aerial assaults of the Flyers and all the legendary moves made famous by the Lucha Legends. Every Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors Tour is unique and features a different roster of amazing performers. It’s a different experience each and every time you attend! Check the Events page for a list of wrestlers appearing in each market.

How long are Lucha Libre USA live events?

Events are approximately two and a half hours long with an intermission.

Is this suitable for the entire family?

Absolutely! Lucha Libre USA is a family friendly event based upon the culture and history of Lucha Libre. Lucha has a history in Mexico going back over 80 years and is the second largest attraction in Mexico behind soccer. The shows feature entertaining storylines and incredible action performed by trained professionals.

What kind of contests take place during the event?

Several fun, interactive contests take place during Lucha Libre USA live events. Fans are encouraged to get dressed up in their most outrageous outfits and enter our “Best Dressed Fan” contest. The fan with the most elaborate costume will win. There’s also a “Best Sign” contest where the fan with the most creative poster wins a prize. Throughout the course of the evening we’ll be on the lookout for our noisiest fan. That fan will win the honor of “Loudest Fan’ and walk away with a prize as well.

Are digital cameras allowed?

Cameras are allowed for still photography only, NO FLASHES. Most venues do not allow a camera or lens that could be considered for professional use. If your camera is questionable, contact the venue to confirm their policy. Video recorders, tape recorders and digital cameras with recording capabilities are prohibited at all times during events. Tripods or other photographic equipment may not be used or placed in any area of the venue without Lucha Libre USA issued media credentials.

How do I get a specific greeting announced over the public address system?

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming amount of requests we receive we are unable to accommodate these requests.

How do I obtain a Lucha Libre USA Luchastars autograph?

You can obtain a Luchastars autograph at the Masked Warriors VIP Experience that takes place once the show is over. Announcements will be made during the event regarding the location of the post-show autograph session.

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