Fox News- Children learn life lessons from Mexican wrestlers

Children learn life lessons from Mexican wrestlers

PHOENIX – Mexican-style wrestling has become a big hit in the U.S. This Sunday, “Lucha Libre” will be putting on a show here in Phoenix.

The ultimate battle between good and evil is decided within just a few minutes in a wrestling ring.

Today, a couple of the sports’ stars paid a visit to a Phoenix elementary school and their message was nothing but good.

It was not your usual assembly at Lassen Elementary School in Phoenix.

The 4th, 5th and 6th graders were there to hear an anti-bullying message from two wrestlers with Lucha Libre USA.

The wrestler known as Super Nova told the kids how he was bullied when he was young, but that it didn’t stop him from fulfilling his dream.

“It’s good for me to teach the kids my experience while I was a little boy so I’m excited to be here,” said Super Nova.

“It’s important to bring the wresters to tell the kids about bullying because they know it’s a big deal in the United States more than Mexico,” said Little Halloween.

While the wrestling part of the assembly had the students’ undivided attention, they did listen to what their guest speakers had to say.

“I learned that bullying is bad for people cause it makes them hurt their feelings,” said student Ezequiel.

“Don’t bully because it might destroy other kids dreams in the future,” said Marisol.

“You shouldn’t do what the persons that are in Lucha Libre are doing because you might get hurt and don’t bully other people in school,” said Gabriela.

Every student at today’s assembly received a free ticket for Sunday’s matches at the Celebrity Theater.

And if the kids we talked to were any indication, apparently they also learned a valuable lesson.


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