Houston Examiner – Booker T teams up with Lucha Libre USA for a big event this weekend


This past Friday night, Lucha Libre USA brought their exciting brand of wrestling back to Houston for a special event. They teamed up with Booker T and his Reality of Wrestling promotion at the Houston FunPlex as part of the “United We Stand” tour.

The first half of the featured some of the stars of Reality of Wrestling, while the second half belonged to the Lucha Libre USA crew. Fans got involved with contests for loudest fan and best dressed, and one ROW star got his chance to shine in the main event with some of Lucha Libre’s finest.

Before the actual event started, there was some pre-match festivities. ROW fan favorite Kelly Kevin came out for a segment with Lucha Libre favorite Mini Park, as they hosted a dance-off for some of the younger fans. And then a lengthy video was shown featuring Lucha Libre star Solar, introducing him to the Houston crowd.

The first ROW match of the evening featured Mitch Baxter taking on Erik Lockhart. There was a brief posing contest at the start of the match, that ended with Baxter ripping off Lockhart’s breakaway pants. This was a solid opener, that got the crowd hot early. Baxter missed a moonsault from the top rope, but was able to come back and pick up the win with a Diamond Cutter.

The next match featured ROW star Abel Andrew Jackson taking on Lucha Libre star El Nuevo Macho, who was in full Dr. Pepper gear from his mask to his boots. Jackson dominated the majority of the match, keeping his opponent grounded. El Nuevo was able to turn things around though, and pick up the win after hitting a high cross body splash from the top rope.

Up next, Andrew Lockhart was set to face resident ROW madman Cedric Pain. After being released from the straight jacket he wore to the ring, Cedric dominated the early moments of the match by overpowering Lockhart. He grounded him with a T-bone suplex, and picked him up for a big airplane spin. Lockhart would land a cheap shot to take control, and would drop Cedric across the top rope. Cedric would later turn things around, but he missed a crucial spear in the corner and Lockhart rolled him up for the win.

After the break, it was time for the Lucha Libre USA stars to take center stage, as Mini Park faced off against former WCW star Lizmark Jr. Prior to the match, Lizmark was getting taunted by the fans, and Mini Park took full advantage of it. They went back and forth throughout the match, entertaining fans with their style, but it was Lizmark getting the win with a spinning side slam.

Super Nova was up next, as he met Psichosis. These two showed off their fast-paced style, with numerous reversals and overall speed in their movements. Psichosis hit a leg drop from the top rope, which has been known to finish off countless opponents, but Nova kicked out. Nova later responded with a suicide plancha over the top rope and taking Psichosis to the floor. The momentum carried Nova halfway down the aisle and almost to the entrance. But Psichosis was already a step ahead, hitting a springboard plancha of his own, and picking up the win with a Mexican surfboard submission.

The main event featured an ROW star getting his chance to mix it up the Luchas, as “Rockstar” Robbie Gilmore teamed up with controversial anti-immigrant supporter RJ Brewer to take on the team of Solar and former NWA World Champion Blue Demon Jr. Before the match, Brewer spoke of his crusade against Mexican immigrants, riling up the Houston crowd.

Gilmore tried his best to keep advantage of the match, but quickly found out what Blue Demon and Solar are capable of, and was forced to tag in Brewer. Although they put up an impressive effort, they could not overcome the fans support as Solar pinned Gilmore for the victory.

Lucha Libre USA travels internationally, providing a unique style of Mexican-style wrestling to fans. You can find more information on them by checking out their official website.

Newest WWE Hall of Fame inductee Booker T owns and operates Reality of Wrestling, which runs monthly events at the Clear Lake Area Recreation Center. More info about them can be found at their website as well.

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