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The Colorful world of Lucha Libre USA

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Masked Warriors Battle Bullies

MWBB Character for WebsiteLucha Libre USA is dedicated to tackling the problems face by today’s youth. With the obesity epidemic and drop-out rate being higher than ever, Lucha Libre USA has designed a seminar that educates and entertains elementary school students and those who attend after-school care programs. The Luchastars of Masked Warriors are seen as superheroes to millions of children. During the Masked Warriors Battle Bullies seminars, the Luchastars relate to children by sharing their own experiences of how they overcame obstacles to achieve their dreams. Topics discussed at the seminar include: the importance of diet and exercise, why staying in school and getting an education is important and what to do if bullied. Masked Warriors Battle Bullies is a free service to the community. If you are interested in booking a seminar, please email with information regarding your school or after-school care program.

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